Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey guys! Sorry i've been so quiet as of late! I had intended to really start cranking out dolls, but inclement weather has prevented me from making any real progress. I did discover that i have to keep the humidity down below 30% to not get the little bubbles, so at least now i know that much!

I did, however, turn my hand to some painting when I received back one of my dolls from the gal doing my sanding! He was just something to test out what i could do- until the earthquake and tsunami hit. My best friend and her husband are over in Japan right now teaching english and one of my other best friends is set to go over there at the end of the month for the same thing.

In light of all this, i decided to auction off the doll on ebay. 50% of the sale will go to Global Giving. Depending on how much he goes for I'll donate more.

You can check him out here:


If you can pass around the link, that's great!

I have, still, two unfinished dolls that are in need of finishing. however, at the moment i'm really, really sick. I almost passed out taking the photos the other day. i'm doing much better today tho!

Hopefully the humidity will go down and I can cast the last pieces these two need to go out(they both need helmets!).

thanks again everyone!

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