Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Junk Cast Raffle take 2!

Okay!  Since i can't take cash for raffle tickets, i'm going to ask something else of you!
in order to be entered in a drawing for the junk cast just email me at batchix at yahoo dot with "I WANT A MACHINA!" in the title and tell me:

A) Who is your favorite transformer or giant robot and why?
   this doesn't need to be an essay... just let me know!

B) If you don't have a favorite transformer or robot... just tell me who's your favorite cartoon or comic character and why!

Answers can be like, "I love batman because he has a great outfit."  or "I like Optimus Prime because there are moments he sounds creepily like John Wayne." or even "I like my OC because she can wipe the floor with you, then bake a cake!"

I'll put all the emails into a file and number them, then use a random number generator to come up with the winner!  Or i might print them all, cut them up and draw them by hand.  but that depends on how much time i have. XD


Winner gets the doll, who will be strung but uncleaned and have no eyeballs or wig or accessories, and both heads.  He has a lot of pinholes, bubbles and a few chunks missing.  One face has colored swirlies all over it where the resin dye didn't get mixed.  Paint and apoxy sculpt will fix all of this, however I'm just not up to doing that and I don't want yet another unfinished bot sitting around looking forlornly at me! X3

Please only enter once and play fair!  I will do this again later this year... granted that person is going to have one red thigh and one green thigh so maybe i'll save that till christmas! 

Winner must pay shipping!  

The doll is free to the winner, but shipping will have to be paid.
US shipping is $12
Overseas shipping will be determined by location.  Usually it's around $20 usd.

Thanks guys!  Good luck! :D
feel free to link to this or repost if you feel like it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Working on a new doll

I'm sure i'll think of a name when she's done.

I think the first two i cast will be called Bit and Byte. XD

Might get started on sculpting next week.  really happy with her front design.  I wanted to give her granny panties as her part there.  Kind of want to not give her even an indication of breasts... but we'll see. 

I looked at Bubblegum Crisis, Roll from Megaman, Samurai Pizza cats and this person's art:  for inspiration.  As well as all the misc little robot girls i have floating around on my HD, but giant mechs and sexy transformers are much more numerous. XD;;

There's a lot of the old sanrio animation style from Unico and Winds of Change in there too. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New boy is up for sale!

I put him up on my etsy and i'll be doing that from now on. :3

Anyway!  Check him out here:

He is imperfect, so the price is lowered to $210.  Normally I wouldn't lower the price this much but there's a chance he could be serious impaired. 

Just copy pasta-ing what i wrote there about his condition:

Here's what happened:

After I finished casting this boy, I found out in the later color casts that the cups I was using to mix the resin in had trace amounts of moisture in them! This caused small sprays of bubbles in random places in the doll. In the white resin it is nearly impossible to see the bubbles, so I don't know if he's okay or not.

Why it matters: The bubbles are lurking just below the surface, so if you sand your doll at all, it could uncover them. If you put a face-up on the doll, the paints and pastels will collect in the bubbles when you remove the face-up and be almost impossible to remove. If you dyed the doll, as this resin should dye pretty well, the dye may collect darker in the bubbles. The bubbles don't affect structural stability in the least bit and I'm fairly certain if you did a whole body paint job, like some of my example dolls, the bubble would be covered and invisible.

Here's what the bubbles look like after i've sanded and rubbed pastels and then removed the pastels from a tan head:

Other than that, he is a perfectly normal machina! He has some filled places where there were normal pinholes(these happen with every doll that is made without a vacuum chamber or other pressure system). most specifically i also filled behind his upper abdomen(you will most likely never see this area) for added strength.