Thursday, May 26, 2011

terrible cellphone pics of one of the dresses i'm working on.

made those shoes myself. i don't have time or cash right now to buy a bunch of shoes to measure her feet by. she'll fit in fairyland shoes no problem, but i don't want to pay the overseas shipping atm. X3

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm excited to announce that Lagoon here will be ready for pre-order about mid to late June!

she'll be the first of my dolls cast through j-pop and will be up for pre-order on their site.

the finished dolls will come with a face-up and without eyes and wigs or clothes. When it gets closer to time for pre-order and release i'll have more solid information, although the face-up will definitely be available.

I'll have some better pictures soon I hope!

In Machina news, i'm hoping to get the boys ready for casting next. I'm looking to have a pre-order for them sometime early fall. :3

Since this is my first time casting I don't know how long the turn around time will be, so i'm sorry i can't give you all any more solid information!

*kermit flail* YAAAAAAAAAAY!! Doooollls!! :D :D :D