Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well, i finally have some news!

The bad news is that due to problems with casting I won't be using a professional casting service at this time. What this means for you is that I can't produce as high quality of doll or the volume a casting service can meet. It also means no pre-orders, dolls will be sold as they come available. This insures that I don't get burned out and that you get your doll in a timely fashion. Dolls that are not sold will be put up on my Etsy site when I get it up. :3

The GOOD news is I'm going forward and casting them myself. I just got my originals back about ten minutes ago and I'll be starting the new molds for them later this afternoon! Depending on how things pan out I may have a doll done by monday!

Due to me making these dolls from home they won't have a set release schedule. I have to cast around my full time job and other various obligations. I hope to make at least one doll a month, but it depends on how the molds turn out. As I said, they won't be as high quality since I don't have access to vacuum chambers or pressure pots. What this means is the dolls will have minor surface variations and pin holes, especially along seams and at the rim of joints. I'm taking that into consideration and I'm lowering the price accordingly. Also to keep cost down the dolls will be mailed in simple priority boxes carefully wrapped. Right now the dolls should be around $300 a piece without eyes, sanding or painting.

As soon as these molds are done I'll be starting work on new helmet, hand and armor designs. I've already got a chest armor piece ready! Epsilon, who has a larger chest and longer legs as well as different face and helmet, will hopefully be available at some point as well. :D Since I'm casting these myself I'll also be able to offer individual parts for sale, so you can get different helmets, heads, and armor parts as they come available!

I can't tell you all enough HOW EXCITED I am to finally get the ball rolling on the boys! I can't wait till I see what everyone does with them!

I'm not sure about sanding services since that's extremely hard on my wrists, but I'll be exploring some options on that as well as with full paint. Face-ups are available for an additional fee and if you've got a specific type of line painting you'd like on their face(see the original Alpha doll for an example) I am happy to carve or paint that on for you.

Next time I write I hope to have the first doll ready for you! Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sticking this out with me!


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