Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thank you!  He is now sold.

Hope to get another doll finished sometime this week. :D  yay!



About this doll:

This is a default Machina Gamma in ivory.  I am switching resin so the next one will be pure white, so if you're wanting ivory, get him while you can!

Like all my dolls he is hand made without the aid of pressure pots or vaccum chambers.  Possible defects include pin holes, specs of color, vent marks, and seams.  Any holes larger than a pencil dot are filled with Apoxy Sculpt and are not present on stress bearing parts or on the face.

Accessories:  Gamma head and helmet (no eyes or wig)

Wig size: 5
Eye size: 12mm

Face up: I will do a simple face-up if asked, however it will not be custom.  It will be an additional $25

Line Painting: Painting the lines in the color of your choice- $50  Please remember the lines and dolls are not perfect and neither am I.   

Full paints:  I offer full paints for an additional $100.  Sample here:  Please be aware that dolls painted in such a way are hot glue suede to help prevent damage to paint, however, careful play is recommended.  Wait time for this is 1-2 months. 

Price: $300

Shipping is $7 US, please contact me for shipping prices outside the US.

In order to keep cost down, I do not use custom boxes or pillows.  The doll will come wrapped in bubble wrap and inside a priority box.

Eventually I hope to be able to offer wigs and eyes on my etsy, but at the moment I'm out of everything!

Please feel free to ask questions here or email me at batchix at google dot com to lay in a claim!  I will be receiving my new shipment of resin this week, so hopefully I'll get another boy done before christmas!

I require feedback on either DOA, Etsy or Ebay!  
You can find feedback for me on those sites as well(ebay is kodachi_batchix)

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