Saturday, April 9, 2011

Three Machina Gammas up for sale on Etsy!

I've got three imperfect casts up for sale on my etsy! :D  Man, it took me forever to get these guys together.  i kept stringing them wrong.  I'd only gotten a few hours of sleep the other night so I blame that.  Anyway, thanks so much!

In other exciting news... I'm looking into getting Lagoon pro-cast!  She'll be the guinea pig and depending on how that goes i may get the machinas done as well. :D

the reason she's going first is many fold.

First off she's a more traditional doll, just a girl not a robot.  She's also got the least amount of work required for me to get her ready to be cast, just some basic cleaning.  Third is she hasn't been cast by anyone but me before.  I had so much trouble trying to get Gamma done that I decided to hold on to him for a bit before I send him out into the world again.  I guess it feels like he got a bit jinxed.  Last is that I feel like a machina  with a lot of imperfections still has potential to be a finished since you can dye, paint or play with a dinged up robot.  Not so for a little girl!

At any rate, I'll keep everyone posted about how it goes!  I'm extremely excited!

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