Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Junk Cast Raffle take 2!

Okay!  Since i can't take cash for raffle tickets, i'm going to ask something else of you!
in order to be entered in a drawing for the junk cast just email me at batchix at yahoo dot with "I WANT A MACHINA!" in the title and tell me:

A) Who is your favorite transformer or giant robot and why?
   this doesn't need to be an essay... just let me know!

B) If you don't have a favorite transformer or robot... just tell me who's your favorite cartoon or comic character and why!

Answers can be like, "I love batman because he has a great outfit."  or "I like Optimus Prime because there are moments he sounds creepily like John Wayne." or even "I like my OC because she can wipe the floor with you, then bake a cake!"

I'll put all the emails into a file and number them, then use a random number generator to come up with the winner!  Or i might print them all, cut them up and draw them by hand.  but that depends on how much time i have. XD


Winner gets the doll, who will be strung but uncleaned and have no eyeballs or wig or accessories, and both heads.  He has a lot of pinholes, bubbles and a few chunks missing.  One face has colored swirlies all over it where the resin dye didn't get mixed.  Paint and apoxy sculpt will fix all of this, however I'm just not up to doing that and I don't want yet another unfinished bot sitting around looking forlornly at me! X3

Please only enter once and play fair!  I will do this again later this year... granted that person is going to have one red thigh and one green thigh so maybe i'll save that till christmas! 

Winner must pay shipping!  

The doll is free to the winner, but shipping will have to be paid.
US shipping is $12
Overseas shipping will be determined by location.  Usually it's around $20 usd.

Thanks guys!  Good luck! :D
feel free to link to this or repost if you feel like it!


  1. I posted the link on my twitter/facebook. ^_^ I really hope he goes to a special home.